Our nationwide practice in Immigration is dedicated to providing premium quality legal representation to professional employees and corporations in the Science, Technology and Business sector. We can help to get non-immigrant visa in H-1B, L-1, E-1, E-2 categories and M-1 or F-1 visas for students.

Lawful Permanent Residency: New ways through PERM and intra-company transferee (L-1) visas and other creative options. Creating a company here which is a subsidiary of a foreign company may enable you to live and work in the US in few months and allow you to apply for a Permanent Resident Status after one year with some requirements.

H-1B Visas: Extensive experience in dealing with computer professionals and their special problems of Permanent Residence Status before expiration of six (6) years of H-1B status. Extensive successful experience in Labor Certification under PERM for Permanent Residence in USA.


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